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You just saved me from a 90 mark exam………Well Thanks to your Photos I UNDERSTOOD a lot or otherwise my mam would give me 0 in Julius Caesar.

One of the main problems is the different narratives people teach their children all over the globe..information and the narrative such as the one in this video does ‘paint’ a completely different ‘picture’ for every human who sees, hears, understands, believes it to be true and then integrates it into their world view. Well, 3 million people out of 7billion saw it..that’s not going to work. You have large chunks of populations all over the globe that believe the planet is 5000 years old or something like that. To those people is almost impossible to explain otherwise. Progressive governments need to emerge and distance government and government education from religions in order to create a new/next wave of enlightenment.

I have a mental age of a 4 year old…. feels good

Ha ha ha frodo baggins is not a human he is a hobit

Thank u


Is extinct

Loved the stories and lesson! ignor the hatarz

You might be thinking of “talents” through the lens of, “I’m 13 and I’m as skilled of a painter as an art-school professor,” or “I’m extraordinarily good at sciences or maths.” But you have been misled, my friend, that is NOT what “Talent” is!


That… was amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH~!

Thanks sir

9:52 infinite screaming

Good teacher

BLM is a racist bullshit used by ignorant idiots to market themselves.

Why intermediate good include as final goods aftr one year without any consumption… as final good used for final consumption but thr is no consumption of intrmediate good with in or aftr a year

This is a lesson worth sharing. Good.

Is this the same as circular flow of income?

It’s still trash 🗑

When right hand(Upper caste) does not want to touch left hand(left over caste), how would they work out together?. And then we blame British & Westerners.

Why does everyone praise this average at best show? I just don’t understand.

Latvian 7 cases too. Cool stuff.

Blue my teacher said search your name and watch it! tnx i specialy like it!

Up till now, I assumed that they were the majority. It must suck having bad rep placed on you because of that.

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