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I will be free when I know every1 else is free…. until then I will support those making a difference… change is easy…. beliefs are REAL

You make huge mistakes when it comes to Tag questions… You were invisible isn’t it… Wrong… Weren’t you is the correct way to disagree or agree

Hablar de tu puta madre………..cobarde de mierda

Sir book ka price kya hai

He should be the reading voice for Audible

Can i use IF in task2

Alex’s last words were “See you tomorrow. Be good. I love you”? OMG, he’s adorable as well as smart.

My favourite figure of speech is Pun

So what!!

Those uumans sayin’ uuge.

Maan awesome

What if you don’t have six and a half years experience? I am just starting out, I am a terrible interview and as such, I’ve been unemployed for awhile. How do I explain gaps in my resume?

Great work keeps it up

Please check this. This ‘PJ Explained’ guy has copied your whole video.

Hungarian doesn’t even exist 😀

Good interaction Ethics and PHILOSOPHY differ in times of crisis

Just like UK

Love the sarcasm in it lol


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