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Foucault sucks, Chomsky rules!

What is moral..

Should have stopped at 01:50.

11:07 VW yes very effecient >;)

He is the most impressive because he sold his sold to the devil that’s why.

Freewallet is saying this is an “intended procedure” on reddit and twitter xD

Great vid I subbed and liked 😃

Honestly man, people are quick to discredit rappers when people try to say they’re “intelligent”. It seems Thug really puts thought into his trap. Im Black Cuban and his speech reminds me of how African Cubans speech Spanish. Its Spanish but completely chopped up and mumbled. its amazing. Thug speaks English like a cuban speaks Spanish lol

I dunno about you guys but this put me in the mood for some black highboots. xD

How could you miss animal farm?

Then to gays, and today to ‘queers’.

Dang, I just notice…… Key can kick someone face while standing……… WoW

Confuse me. It’s all in how they’re explained.

I believe that everything that’s said is true but is it considered a reliable enough source?

Lucy has the utility function U(X, Y) = X+2Y and an income 20. The price of Y is 4. What is her price elasticity of demand for X, when the price of X is less than 2?

U r a genius mann!!!!

I wish these videos existed when I was studying economics in High School! You guys are doing such an amazing job

The problem are not babies in general but stupid people in africa and india who think they must get 10 of it

Eminem is a genius


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