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This sucks so fudgeing bad

NOW the WHELL(trohos)

I concur, but why do they have to be related? We’re discussing the possibility that humanity began with 2 individuals. Why would our creator create a species of hominid and force it to commit incest in order to continue the species, potentially destroying the DNA structure of generations to come. After considering the above, I would say it’s highly unlikely that they would have been related.

I think that the limited availability to the market of Pizzamas merchandise is not helping the USD. Am I right?

My students enjoyed watching today at half speed. Because you talk so fast. And it was more entertaining. Thanks YouTube (& Mr. Clifford)!

3:17 Not puella is the form without inflection, puell is it. The a is the ending for nominative

Why were so many people staring at the Mexican buying the American’s shirt 6:18

When I clicked on the link to go to amazon, funnily enough in the suggestions were several of the books that he listed….:)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015

Very cool concept. excellent video.

The problem i see with the idea of global empathy is that i think a sense of belonging and unity requires an ‘other’ to contrast against. blood ties, tribes, religions, and nation states all have this, they are able to define themselves by contrasting themselves against those who fall outside of their group. i don’t know if the idea of global empathy has that. it’s a psychological problem, but i think it’s a very great and very real one.

Public that voted for him, believes what ever he says is sincere, honest and true. In essence, he is using this plain talking regular guy character to gain the trust of voters and supporters, and keep that trust and loyalty. Trump is “dumb like a fox”.

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So I’m trying to find out, does anyone know if the interviews are real life video interviews? Or are they actors?

Typical college symbolic teacher: What do you think the curtains mean?

Free the Domba! Cremate your own fathers!

Has Brusspup been a girl this whole time?

Spam 0 on your keyboard lmao

When you are assigned a gender at a young age, you notice ‘boys’ act like this, and ‘girls’ act like that. If we didn’t describe people by gender, and didn’t dress people as if they belonged to a gender, most children would not recognise a divide between the sexes. They would not only play with boys or only play with girls, they would more accurately display the characteristics they felt comfortable displaying. By identifying the divide, we accentuate it in our children.

This is my teacher


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