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What is the correct referencing for when getting information from a website and has no author/publisher/theorist? Thanks

Here is an update…. Kickstarter of this game has been OFFICIALY canceled…

When Trumps speaks, my 7 year old is embarrassed.

Great you are aa legend… thanks

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You have saved me. Praise Jeffrey.


Oh, and thanks for this video!

Number 7 is by maroon 5 not gym class heroes

Man, job interviews suck. They are so fake. Everyone, learn to work for yourself. Start up your own business.

He’s talking like he would at home

This video was a great help to my daughter in her exam.. Thanks.

Speaking of intertextuality, what was the song at the end used in?

I need bahasa Indonesia translate for this!


Btw I also plan to try learn French once I know Spanish as good as English by heart, I think that will go even faster because Spanish obviously must have some common words with French and English probably has a number of common words with French so that would go even faster than if I didn’t know English and Spanish then tried learning French.

I think rappers dont spend hours of time to concentrate on their flow. They just have a feeling for rhymes. And thats what makes a good rapper. Good Texts, individual and good flow.


Amo su musica es relajante

Too bad this failed 🙁

At least they got Albanian right


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