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Complex and this dummy devil dumb niggas see this is deep genuis news is on some asslickin whack shit niggas cant even articulate them selves outside they hood and this is called genuis..these devils stay on some devilish

That was helpful

Fuck me, nobody can do a Belfast accent…not even CLOSE like. It sounds more like an accent from somewhere in Connacht whenever actors try to do it which may not seem like it’s far away but the density of accents in Ireland is absolutely crazy. I’m from Galway and I genuinely cannot understand Northerners.

I usually love your videos but I feel like you’re trying to give nostalgia a new sexy name

Dieser Moment wenn du selber deutsche bist😂

Easy explanation

Good presentation, it makes sense; we all face crossroads continually and the criteria for decision is often very tenuous.

Steve brophy rules

That is why the Illuminati policy matrix believe that for the sake of mankind, Agenda 21 is very necessary. But who should go first? Some of these globalist elites really believe that WW3 is necessary, instead of Disclosure of the breakaway technologies they have since the ’60s.

Lastly the reason why North Southern Asia (North India, Pakistan,

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The presenter/interviewer is such a douche!

I always thought empire earth was better than age of empires

Is the ultimate review packet include all the content for the AP Micro exam?

May the force be with you.

To be fair to Rogue One, the point of the film is to tell the story that bridges the gap between episodes III and IV, it’s the story of the rebels acquiring the plans to the death star which are then used to kick off the attack at the end of A New Hope, so there will be a lot of familiar sights, but they should fit with the story.

Accidentes chistoso

Watching porn in target language helps a lot. stimulate the animal, engage the whole organism.


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