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That is only if the system you speak of which is of course the internet was to become our reality, which is for the moment almost prohibited by society. But, i enjoy the thought of it, though our reality would be only of the mind and not of body.

This shit is gold


İ might bir be missing some things. Also some of them can be better said with extra word but anyway.

Thank you, tomorrow i write a english classwork 😀


There, I just saved you 21 minutes of the dullest sort of incoherent rambling from one of the world’s most shameless propagandists.

No AI will replace me!

Currently cramming for my Econ 101 final at MSU… You have saved my life! Def sharing with friends who are planning to take the course next semester.

Love it!! Maybe he should have had the actual books in his hands when reading the quotes, not so obviously just one (with a note in it, of course). Minor detail, but somehow it still bugs me…Anyhow, please do more of these!!

At 14 minutes, Isn’t the number of points un-countably infinite? Because no combination of rotational steps provides the same point – you could just say RRRRRRRR… (for as long as you want) and you’d always get a new point. At no instance during your listing of Right rotations do you need to introduce another direction in order to find a new point – this would suggest that simply using a Right rotation provides a countably infinite set of points. However, when you include the other directions as options, for every rotation you make, there is an infinite number of branching options for your next rotation that would provide you with new points. In other words, you could just apply the diagonal theorem that was mentioned earlier. You don’t even need to use all 4 rotational directions to do this, just 2.

Anyone who doubts this method, read Mark yourself and then (sincerely) ask God to reveal Himself to you. Go ahead, I dare you.

No offense to any religion though, it’s just that when you apply religion to politics in this age, you get very bad results.

My professor is making my class watch this for our world mythology class, I didn’t understand why but now I do.

Good one i want to communicate to you

Only an amalgam of these two ideologies can be both morally responsible and a productive way to run the economy. Balance between socialism and capitalism would make a temperate state where neither abhorrent poverty and wealth exist, where suffering was minimized and individuals still had rights.

Sir. plz send other videos based on macroeconomic of class 12…..

My point is be grateful for what you’re blessed with, thank those important figures in your life who have sacrificed more than you’ll ever know for you, own up to your actions as you know you deserve a punishment, be honest, take pride in who you are and not let society be-little you for your race, ethnicity, income, social status, love, gender, and religion. Thanks for reading and hope you’ll continue to have a nice day. This is coming from a 9th grade freshie. 😉

Great party trick – if you’re at the world’s most boring party lol


Compliant through FEAR!


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