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My job is holding a sign 8 hours a day advertising for a dog wash place. I can’t be replaced by a machine, but I can be replaced by a stick.

Easy to understand boring subject

Thanks and God bless! 🙂

This is blasphemy. Buddhism is a man-made doctrine. The only faith that is rooted in divine power is the Church of Christ! See Romans 16:16-20.

It’s not “the Ukraine”. It’s Ukraine. Please change the subtitle.

What a cool video

Here’s a thought: The only reason we need jobs is because we need money to buy stuff. If automation comes to a point where we can produce things ridiculously cheap, would we still need to have jobs?

Trump intentionally limits his vocabulary when speaking to the masses. That’s because he knows the Principles and Practice of Advertising, Chapter V, p. 229: “The utility of words depends upon the ability of the individual to employ them in such a manner as will create, in the minds of others, images which are duplicates of those in his own mind. … This is a more difficult proposition than is generally realized. The extent and quality of the images which one person can create in the minds of others, by the use of words, is contingent upon the scope of the reader’s [hearer’s] vocabulary and the degree of refinement of his understanding or [sic: of] the words comprising his vocabulary. … under ordinary circumstances the most effective way for one person to create images in the minds of others is to employ simple words.” Trump is very likely “translating” what he wants to say into either in advance or as he goes. The words “bad” and “great” are not only easy to understand for people with or without much of an education, but they are also extremely easy to understand by people whose first language is not English, and they are easy to translate into foreign languages. It takes a brilliant mind to take complex concepts and distill them into a 5th to 8th grade vocabulary. (That makes most of us brilliant when we talk to kids.) Don’t most of us listen to somebody and immediately boil it all down to simple words like “big,” “little, “good,” “bad,” and the like in order to categorize the gist of what they’ve said? Trump saves you the effort and gets right down to the gist from start to finish, especially in a stadium full of unequally-educated or mentally varied members of the public. Intelligent people can inflate the simple vocabulary into more high-flown phrasing. If your mind is stopped by simple words, there’s not much that anyone can do for you.

This is the first time i watch a full documentary. stuff like this usually doesn’t interest me but this drew me into it some how. i’m only fourteen.

Latinos o españoles reportense :’v


It’s actually called a dialect not an accent. Just saying. It’s only an accent, that is, it would be called an “American accent”, when you are from an country that’s first language is not English. The universal phonetic alphabet, part of what was shown can explain dialects and accents far better. Knowledge.

… unless there was an update last thing i heard they stated the shields in TA ESC didn´t propperly work so that they removed them for now…

Mos Def

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Its good but you guys talk too fast


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