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Sir elasticity of demand chapter upload please sir

I’m only here because I saw Another Brick in the Wall in the thumbnail


A tiny bit of this I think is true the rest is fake it’s not how we treat our world we respect it and we respect each other 😀 don’t let this video make you feel like a bad person this isn’t how we treat everything at least… I was brought up to belive we live in an amazing place 😌

This video gave me chills. I’ve been thinking this way for a long time, I’m sure most if not all of us do.. Thank you for the concrete.

Confused with utility maximization

Just an FYI, with the Bestul signal phrase example, there should be a comma OR “that” but not both. A comma and “that” basically serve the same function in most instances: linking one idea to the next, e. g. “I think that I’m crazy about grammar and punctuation.” Sorry…my friends call me a grammar and punctuation gorilla for good reason.

To kill a mockingbird sucked asss don’t believe the hype

The human is a VIRUS or a parasite

I strongly agree with this video. It makes me wonder about my future and where it is going. I KNOW that education is not taken near as seriously as it should be. Those different statistics shown in the video are scary but true. it seems to me that technology can be such a great helps when it comes to education but can also greatly hurt students now and in the future. The avg student isn’t using their laptop in class to “benefit” them in any way. That laptop is used for only entertainment. Sad.

To write an introduction paragraph seems much easier after watching your video.

The real problem is that students don’t have the time to learn at their own pace. When they mess up, fail, slack off, it’s discouraging. That’s what we need to be addressed.

Thank You!

I feel like everyone is writing essays or something but then I am writing fanfiction… what am I doing with my life

I need learn in this department. It is very interested

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

Really very helpful video I easily understood it nice way of teaching.

Thank you 🙂

Plz make a video on string theory



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