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:\ i went with the greater income.

The guy in the hat took the bait

Utilitarianism is krap.

She doesn’t know how to dress.

I’m doing Macbeth, and Jane Eyre

My teacher told me that Title is a must in Article and Summary. And also he told that we have to use idioms? Please clear my confusion!

“Yer a wizerd herry” my fave tbh

This guy talks the same way that foreigners leave comments on YouTube. Poor guy.

I would recommend a video on the Egyptian God Thoth and the Emerald Tablets

And another hidden symbolic message, the author believes God is Alien.

@kramnodd9 I forgot “get”

You lost me

That fishing thing😂 thank you for your help 🌷 however it is like you’re forced to do this video 😐 I mean you were kind of tired 😴 I suggest you to put more enthusiasm and energy into your videos 😅 thanks again ❤

I’d love to see you do a video on “Journey to the West” and how it influences and is influenced by Asian mythology.

Why the fuck do you call under 18s “children”?! A child is a human being who hasn’t reached puberty yet. All this does is say how dumb society is.

The man Tony Robbins talks about at the end that said 9/11 was retribution was Asad Rezzvi and he did his own TED talk. You can look it up.

Thank u

That white dude is fucking dumb, he’s not evolving anything he’s just fucking mumbling

Glad it helped! Best of luck to you.

I am so screwed…..

Thank you, great help!

This video really gave me a purpose and confidence to press on.


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