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Thank you.

Many planets

I wish I had this when I did a project on this book

Nice Sir u are the best

Do you need to pay when hiring a employee? using your own money? can somebody pls reply. thank you.

Freaking religious regime, you call youseft civilize, some lost civilization are better than today many big civilization.

It’s a little weird that all teachings of economics tend to start with Adam Smith when economic thought can be traced back so much further. There are writings from some 700 years before Adam Smith came along (the 11th century) from Al Ghazali in Persia saying the same things about trade.

-history is bunk

Is it just me or does he sound like gru when he says little infernooooo

1st ❤

I could listen to this man for hours!

1. By “peer” I mean they met, spoke, and had similar findings in their experiments. I don’t know your definition of peer, but that’s mine.

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Nyc nd vry helpful video…


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