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Nice moustouche


As an indian myself from a higher caste, this is fucking ridiculous. I grew up here in the US but nobody in my family condones or treats anybody like this. Check out Rotatary Club in some cities in India and see some of the good they are doing. But yea, this shit is horrible.

1:30 is where the gameplay begins (ish)

When Trump speaks, he reminds me some of the street vendors I see in Asia. For instances, a watermelons sellers say : my watermelons are so sweet, if they are not, you can have it for free! But guess what, after you purchase it and taste the watermelons, they are never sweet. Furthermore, if you try to return those watermelons you bought to these people, you will not win this giant argument about the watermelons sweetness. You lose!

Porque el titulo esta en español, al igual la descripción, el audio en ingles y los comentarios están en ingles?

Yo it’s [6] million ways to die, from the [7] deadly thrills(C)

Beautiful illustration..

Free spech is impossible in sjw dominated world…

Catcher in the Rye:

911 percent love you Todd. And. Baby boy Gregory love you too. Katie cecere 911 call me Beautiful boy Stevan love you too Todd Jimmy Chrisb Ryan

Having a job is selling your work for money. It is implicit in the requirement to sell such work for a salary to ACQUIRE ownership, that ownership of the resources is not a priori. Science and politics don’t mix well, in fact that’s a central debate in modern political philosophy. Just as much as the VP lacks proof of their model’s plausibility, the opposite is just as true, and is also the case with the current system.

This is borderline creationist.


We hav to learn sanskrith

You should all read/

To be a hero simply you need to have powers that nobody will ever have…

Awsome sir 👌👌👌


This why people are voting for the tories

Is this perfect competition an assumption?

Audio is very low volume, had to run Pulse Audio volume control and put it to max of 153% on my computer’s OS GNU/Linux Ubuntu.

He will tell me to clean the floor.


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