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Very good

Bilinguals and polyglots: reply with ‘hello’ in all your languages!

Madam linguist, from one philologist to another, cut the bullshit!

Todo por descargar…. Esas Lolis.

This is so wonderful

Don’t forget Lovecraft was a raging anti semite and racist

We work for each other,

I know 3 languages… I want to learn more

Can i tell if its a monopoly if i only know Q, MC, AC, MR????


Uh…sjws are definitely annoying. Not threatening. Annoying.

b. Without, if you want something – you have to make it yourself.

You understand that its natural for men and women to have different interests, right? and that we have tons of evidence for this, right? you didn’t look into that, i see….

One minute the west is fighting him, the next minute they’re putting him in, then they’re taking them out…..what

I’m not sure how many “adds” you should put. I haven’t played so don’t say I’m stupid. I’m just not fully sure how the commands work

Hai mam, am a huge fan of your teaching, i have acquired a lot of information about IELTS from your blog. Can you please tell me, is there any way of giving a neutral opinion which means supporting the both sides?


Wow! This guys explanation and break down is better than my own professors! Thank god I found this…



Level 4:

I couldn’t make it past all the faces.


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